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Best Home Shredder – Elements To Consider

November 20, 2011

Did your previous paper shredder bite the dust. Have you looked over the descriptions on paper shredders and felt more confused than before?

In this post we are going to review some of the technical specifications that are important when deciding on a paper shredder.  It is easy to be bombarded with tons of information and can be hard to determine what are the key features of  home paper shredders.

Sheet Capacity
Sheet capacity may not seem like an important feature but you will definitely notice it if you have a huge stack of paper to shred.  Only you can decide the amount of paper the shredder should handle at one time.  If you have a busy home office then you will want a shredder with a higher capacity.  Nobody likes sitting around waiting for an underpowered shredder to complete its task so you can load more papers.  

If you are worried about the price for a  higher capacity home office shredder you can opt for a smaller capacity shredder and make up for it by shredding more frequent.  We recommend shredding daily after checking the mail.  This will prevent your shredding stack of papers from growing out of control.

Cutting Type
The two most popular kinds of paper shredders on the market, strip cutter and crosscut, also referred to as confetti.  Most inexpensive home office shredders will use a strip cutter design.

The strip cutter cuts the paper into long straight-up and down strips of paper.  These can be easier to put back together compared to crosscuts.  
Crosscut home office shredders, also known as confetti cutters, chop the paper into smaller pieces.  The sizes of the pieces will vary based on manufacturers and model.  Some will shred down to 5/32″ x 1 3/8″ sized pieces.  This makes it very difficult to put a shredded document back together.

We recommend spending the extra money to purchase a crosscut a home paper shredder.  The added security features of the crosscut home paper shredder makes its a no brain-er.

These are just some of the features to look at when shopping for the best shredder.  These features are very important when comparing  shredders.   Now you armed with some knowledge on paper shredders that will help with your purchase.


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